Blueberry Dream

Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Uplifting






Buy Marijuana Online Europe THC: 14% CBD: 0.1%

Blueberry Dream is an obscure Sativa-dominant Hybrid marijuana, which may be a phenotype of Blue Dreams, one of the most popular strains in the weed world, although its exact genetics are unknown. So, Like its famous relative, this cannabis provides an easygoing, lighthearted cerebral kick with a tingly physical high. However, it’s reportedly just a bit sleepier than Blue Dream: if you sit down, you’re likely to nod off.

Medical Benefits of  Blueberry Dream Marijuana Strain

-Relaxant effects of this cannabis could prove useful for patients dealing with chronic stress.
-Also, Happy uplift potentially pleasing for those dealing with mild depression or other related mood disorders.
-However, the sedative effects of this plant may come in handy for insomniacs.

Blueberry Dream

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